Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spring Wardrobe Total Make Over - Thank You Jenny Mustard!

Thank you Jenny Mustard for all your inspiration!  I hope I am not copying you too much, I have just been a little down in the dumps and you inspire me so much to live a happy life!  Thank you!!  

Spring is here and I went all out with the advice from Jenny Mustard in regards to a spring wardrobe!  Greige.  Gray and Beige neutral colors with a little bit of lavender.  I spent exactly $61 dollars at the thrift store today and got several nice tops and bottoms, matching purse, scarf, shoes and even a suitcase that was never before used and matches the color scheme.  So below is a little snap shot, I'm sorry the quality of picture isn't so great, but you get the general idea.  More pictures to come, I promise.

Below is a very quick self portrait of me straining to smile!  What an effort!  All that shopping must of made me very tired.  Anyways you can see some of Jenny's  fashion idea's incorporated in what I came up with.  I found these amazing, gold colored, clip-on, sunflower earrings.  They had other huge gold earrings but I thought these were super cool and chunky.  I've got a beige wrap around, beige top, and a vibrant jewel colored dress which is inspired by Jenny's suggestion of lavender.  All this tied in with a slicked back pony pail and a little bronze powder on my cheek bones.  I bought a vibrant pink wet and wild lipstick that is cruelty free today at Walgreens too... but its in the car.  More pics to come later!!  Bye, Thanks for reading!

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